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  • creaktiv Big Reference ci2p PLUS

    creaktiv Big Reference ci2p PLUS

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creaktiv Big Reference ci2p PLUS

Big Reference PLUS

The Big Reference ci2p Rack is provided with the unique creaktiv Systems ci2p technology. The "Informierungstechnology" of our technology partner Gabriel Tech leads to the filter less reduction of electrosmog while this one is leading activation technology characteristic of Systems into high-fidelity/audio equipment and cables for the reduction of material stress, static cargo loads and magnetism reactively. Developing the Big Reference plus was quite a challenge for us so we approached the whole venture with due respect. Who can actually claim having the know-how to build one of the best racks in the world? We applied all our longstanding expertise to the Big Reference plus that we could gather with the Little Reference and the Midi Reference. A specific highlight is the newly developed and unique sound diversion system. Resonances can be diverted across the entire frequency range without complex adjustments. Coupling cylinders that are integrated at every level let the device “float” over a glass floor that had been treated with the ci2p? - Technology and thus provide a “sovereign and impressive acoustic pattern with a cleanly subdivided stage”. Such testimony was given to us by the professional magazine “STEREO” in its 12/2009 edition – the test result: “a sound level of the ‘high-end’ class”.

No other manufacturer of high-end racks can currently offer such a perfected system.

This rack is available in 4 levels and it can be expanded through respective expansion levels.


All reference-racks include coupling cylinders, pipes alu black or silver (?=35 mm) activated with ci2p - Technology filled and muffled as well as bottom cones and washers.

Dimensions and floor space:

Outer dimensions (W x D): 
680 x 550 mm

Floor space per level (W x D): 
590 x 550 mm

Effective height per level:
Acc. to customer specifications

Maximum bearing capacity per level: 
60 kg


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